Jung, Jungians, and Homosexuality by Robert H. Hopcke

By Robert H. Hopcke

With a view to give you the first coherent idea of sexual orientation within the culture of analytical psychology, the writer proposes a view of homosexuality that's archetypally established, empirically supportable, psychologically profound, and spiritually evocative.

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To illustrate the difier- Jung's " 18 " C. G. Jung and Homosexuality ence betAveen an analytical interpretation of a dream, which Jung sees as characteristically psychoanalytic, and his own method of dream interpretation, which he calls "synthetic" or "constructive, he gives the following example: ' A woman patient, who had just reached the critical borderline between the analysis of the personal unconscious and the emergence of contents from the collective unconscious, had the following dream: She is about to cross a wide river.

Through the woman's association of the crab with cancer and then with a woman she knew who died of cancer following "a series of adventures with men," Jung sees the less simplistic woman as clinging to the problematic friendship as a defense " that "might betray her into leading an against a "frivolous streak "Accordingly," Jung states, "she remains at the inhomosexual level, because it serves her as a defense. (Experience shows that this is one of the most potent motives for amoral Hfe. ) Jung repeats his view of homosexuality "'^ as infantile yet a third same ar"The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, Jung uses the case of a young man he has treated as an illustration of how he came upon the idea of archetypes in the level of consciousness below the personal, which he called the collective unconscious.

The relation of son to mother, daughter to father, and also that of brother to sister. in a footnote, he writes, "I am not considering the sohomosexual forms, such as father-son, mother-daughter, etc.

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