Jump Start CSS by Louis Lazaris

By Louis Lazaris

This brief SitePoint booklet offers readers with a enjoyable and but sensible creation to Cascading variety Sheets (CSS), the language used to type and lay out all websites. This ebook will speedy get you in control with the basics of CSS and provides you the arrogance to begin experimenting in your own.

It covers:
• structure techniques
• pictures, backgrounds, text
• Styling types , navigation, and more
• Getting fancy with CSS3
The booklet is equipped round a real-life instance undertaking: a recipe web design. It's a enjoyable and simply comprehensible undertaking that's used to illustrate the strategies defined within the e-book in a realistic way.

it is a transparent, approachable and extremely easy-to-follow ebook that might get you to to hurry with CSS very quickly.

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Example text

Every element on a web page has these box model components. Sometimes the default characteristics of these components differ on certain types of elements. For example, form elements start out with a certain width and height, even if you don’t define those properties. Also, as mentioned in Chapter 1, unordered lists (

    elements,) will start out with predefined margins and padding due to the browser's internal stylesheet, even if those are not set in the CSS. Block versus Inline Another concept you should be familiar with is that most HTML elements fall under two categories: block or inline.

    Use those selectors whenever you find them to be practical. There are a number of detailed articles online explaining cascade and specificity. These include a series on SitePoint's CSS Reference,5 which are highly recommend once you've a good grasp of some of the basics introduced in this book. ” For a beginner, this might sound a bit too techy, but it's actually quite simple to ensure that all your HTML pages comply. doctype html> That's it. ” In older documents, you'll occasionally come across other lengthier doctypes, which are commonly used for XHTML or HTML4 web pages.

    Even modern browsers have sketchy support for newer layout methods so, at the time of writing, float-based layouts are the primary layout method used in CSS. In our RecipeFinder website, we have an ideal place to use a float-based layout: the main content area. 3. sidebar { 33 34 Jump Start CSS width: 360px; float: right; } You’ll recognize these selectors from Chapter 1, where we introduced the bare CSS. main element, which wraps both columns. main. main { margin: 0 auto 0 auto; } But we’ve omitted the final two values for brevity, as they're inherited from the existing values.

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