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Secondary Steelmaking: Principles and Applications

The steelmaking and its clients have benefited drastically from the numerous major technological advances of the final thirty years. As their consumers turn into ever extra caliber wakeful, notwithstanding, steelmakers needs to proceed their efforts to reduce damaging impurities, reduce in addition to regulate destructive nonmetallic inclusions and attain the optimal casting temperature, content material of alloying components, and homogeneity.

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From this analysis the inescapable conclusion arises that Charles Robert's first wife could not have been a representative of the Galician-Lodomerian line HUNGARIAN-GALICIAN MARRIAGE 263 of the Rurikids, and that the origin of his spouse is not to be found in Rus'. It is my opinion that Charles Robert, the first Angevin to sit on the Hungarian throne, took as his first bride, in 1306, the Silesian Piast princess Mary, daughter of Prince Casimir of Bytom; in this regard, the previous historiography is entirely correct.

4 According to Gennadii's report, this heretic converted some Orthodox priests, who secretly began to profess Jewish beliefs while maintaining the appearance of continued loyalty to Christianity. The exposure of the heresy took place in 1487, seven years after the subjugation of Novgorod by the Muscovite troops of Ivan the Third (1480) and the elevation of Gennadii, archimandrite of the Chudov Monastery in Moscow, to the Novgorodian see. "^ Gennadii discovered Zakhar's heresy in the simplest possible way: he summoned Zakhar in order to investigate a complaint by some monks of the Nemchinov Monastery, to whom Zakhar had allegedly refused to give Communion.

Jedynak, "Córka Kazimierza, księcia bytomskiego, Maria, królową Węgier," Magazyn Bytomski 6 (1984): 91. 268 STANISŁAW SROKA 35. Roczniki czyli kroniki sławnego Królestwa Polskiego, bk. " 36. See η. 3. 37. " Cf. Pór, Kalman, györipüspök ( 1317-1375), Századok 23 (1889): 368-84. The great island in the Danube is Csepel. H6man,Gy. Szekfö, Magyar Torfńzei, 2 (Budapest, 1930): 252; Magyarországtórténeti kronológiája, 190. 39. Jasiński 3:54 η. 1. 40. See n. 35. Archbishop Gennadii and the Heresy of the "Judaizers"* ANDREI PLIGUZOV The Novgorodian "heretics" known to scholars as the Judaizers^ never referred to themselves by this name, or, for that matter, by any other name.

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