[Journal] Harvard Ukrainian Studies. Vol. XI. No 1-2

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6784 is misleading. The original states that after consulting with Lev, Volodi mer alone sent troops to oppose Trojden’s settling of Prussian refugees in Hrodna and Slonim. Hen’sors’kyj also sees the hand of Gregory in the GVC Voje1k tradition, but, due to the presence of Jurij L’vovy and the archimandrite in the same entry, considers the integration to have taken place in the 1285/1286 redaction: Halyc’ko-Volyns’kyj litopys, pp. 63-64. ‘1 54 DAVID M. 51 Obviously, the V-N1C has not received the same scholarly attention as the other two lives have.

20 The folkioric motifs in the tale are as striking as the Christian ones. Voje1k begins his career as a daily practitioner of human sacrifice in Navahrudak in Lithuanian Vaivi1kas means "hospitable wolf". Dovmont murders Mindovg as an act of revenge: they were married to sisters, and when Mindovg’s wife died and her sister came to mourn, Mindovg seized Dovmont’s wife for himself. Trenjata does not simply assassinate Tovtivil; the two try to kill each other, 20 Whether a local cult of Voje1k arose near Navahrudak is an open question.

477; 20. misspelled Kamenovodk- p. 249; 24. misspelled Boeraki p. 23; 25. misspelled Mardevk- p. 478; 27. misspelled Adzanka p. 5; Adzhlik p. 23; 28. misspelled Krasik-Iar p. 23; 32. misspelled Dolin-Kalilik- p. 23, Dolina-Kamenka p. 530; 34. misspelled Kalinovka p. 530; 44. misspelled Strunov- p. 256; 45. incorrectly named Berezovka p. 530. , v. ; less inh. , v. center; Orth. 84 Present Name Jurisdiction Reference Map Location Kirovohrad; oblast’ center; KO, Pp. 81-124 Chemiakhivka, Kirovohrad raion; KO, p.

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