Interview With a Psychic Assassin by Inelia Benz

By Inelia Benz

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Using abilities realized from alien captives, occult orders and great soldier courses, Ramona turned our shadow government's most threatening of assassins. during this gripping and transformative Inelia Benz novel, what starts as a simple interview with Ramona fast becomes a perilous and mystical experience into the very depths of our construction.

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Fortunately for us who are less gifted, but no less aspiring, the progress of the Ageless Wisdom through the centuries has accumulated a mass of experimental knowledge on this subject. It shows us how to hasten the ripening process, how to open the gate, how to build the Holy of Holies where the limitless Light shines into the temple of human personality. This is not a work which ends with the personal satisfaction of the man who achieves the final result. Not only does he find a Way Out of this painful world (painful because we may never rightly understand it by intellect alone), not only does he exchange the feeling that he is a being under sentence of death for the absolute certainty that he is immortal, not only does he have a flash of clairvoyance which enables him to read the heart of the cosmic life.

This is merely a modem phrasing of an occult doctrine, which is either stated explicitly or else implied by the symbols in all the literature of the Ageless Wisdom. Precisely this is what is meant by the opening words of the Gospel according to St. John "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. " Practical application of the power of sound is the basis of the mighty works of those who know the secret of directing the currents of the Astral Light. To this power Patanjali refers in his Yoga Sutras, when he says, "Spiritual powers may be gained by incantations.

Everything that has form. Everything that is the result of compounds is evolved Out of this Akasha. It is the Akusha that becomes the air that becomes the liquids, that becomes the solids; it is the Akasha that becomes the suns, the earth, and the moon. The stars. The comets: it is the Akasha that becomes the body, the animal body, the plants, and every form that we see. Everything that can be sensed. Everything that exists. It itself cannot be perceived: it is so subtle that it is beyond all ordinary perception; it call only be seen when it has become gross and has takenform.

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