Integrated Pitchfork Analysis Volume 3 by Mircea Dologa

By Mircea Dologa

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This publication includes lecture notes of a summer time university named after the past due Jacques Louis Lions. The summer season institution was once designed to alert either Academia and to the expanding function of multidisciplinary equipment and instruments for the layout of advanced items in a variety of components of socio-economic curiosity.

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We are now probably bound for a W4 retrace; the adequate set-up is already drawn. Copyright 2008-9 by Dr. 3 30 Bollinger Bands Bordering the Impulsive Pattern & Pitchforks Synergy Whatever the trader would like to do, he/she shouldn't neglect the importance of this triad: BB, Elliot waves and pitchforks. The latter will consolidate trader's decisions based on the correlated volatility phenomena of the BB and the waves. The pitchforks have a greater potential than the trend lines, because of their Fibonacci relationships among their median line and its acolytes (refer to the figure below).

And J, ideal segment to be assimilated with the median line of the "to be" pitchfork! Moreover, the presence of the down-gap will enhance the optimal description of the market by the pitchfork. Whenever you can, draw a gap median line ... It can make your day! 9 - The right side chart describes very well the contextual market flow. As for the floor pivots, we can observe several confluences performed with the pitchforks that has neatly reversed the market: -Confluence (i) - intersection of S2 }loor pivot and the lower median line (LML).

We can observe the high-powered force of the narrow ballds propulsion, which catapulted the market price at exactly 1100% of their H(O) height. The BB are efficiently optimised because ill their fall, all the bubble's bars are walking 011 the inner side of the lower band. , except that this time, we have i11l1strated the Illlmber of extensions of the h(O) narrowing BB the BB width, which reached the projected nll1llber 17 at 146441 level. This number is short one unit with regard to the Lucas 18 number.

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