Insular Toponymies: Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South by Joshua Nash

By Joshua Nash

How do humans identify areas on islands? Is toponymy in small island groups tormented by levels of connection to bigger neighbours reminiscent of a mainland? Are island (contact) languages and mainland languages assorted in how they're utilized in naming locations? How will we conceptualise the human-human interface within the fieldwork scenario whilst amassing placenames on islands? This publication deals solutions correct to toponymists, linguists, island experiences students, and anthropologists. It specializes in island environments inside of Australia – Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia – and places ahead a few novel findings proper to Australian linguistics and the linguistics and toponymy of islands at any place.

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These comprise the ‘toponymic ­worldview’ the Pitcairners brought with them to Norfolk in 1856. 7 Pitkern and Norf ’k Pitkern and Norf ’k are sister languages. Different social, ­ecological, and ­political influences moulded these two historically different, yet related ­languages. My concern is Norf ’k, not the Pitkern variety of Pitcairn Island. The most reliable modern scholarship on the linguistic and typological status of P ­ itkern–Norf ’k has been presented by scholars who have done primary research on the language.

Although situated politically and socially within Australia “phonologically and structurally, Norfolkese is related to Australian English only in so far as the latter has common features with other varieties of English” (Ross & Moverley 1964: 203). ). In a survey of Australian dialects conducted in the 1950s, the linguist Elwyn Flint travelled to Norfolk Island and included Norf ’k data with the rest of the Australian data. There are, however, different schools of thought on Norf ’k’s Australianness.

G. Goddard 1996; Siegel 1997). With the exception of Garner (2005), scholars and ­theoreticians have not been explicit enough in clearly stating the ­theoretical breadth of ­ecolinguistics and its practical implications for general linguistic theory.  Insular Toponymies Ecolinguistics provides two conceptual questions: What is the relationship between people, language, place, and names, and how can these relationships be empirically measured? Research in linguistics has generally focused on linguistic structure decontextualised from the environment where the language is s­ poken.

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