Imagining Atlantis by Richard Ellis

By Richard Ellis

Ever seeing that Plato created the legend of the misplaced island of Atlantis, it has maintained a uniquely powerful grip at the human mind's eye. for 2 and a part millennia, the tale of the town and its catastrophic downfall has encouraged people--from Francis Bacon to Jules Verne to Jacques Cousteau--to speculate at the island's origins, nature, and placement, and occasionally even to look for its actual continues to be. It has continued as part of the mythology of many alternative cultures, but there isn't any undeniable proof, not to mention evidence, that Atlantis ever existed. What, then, money owed for its probably inexhaustible appeal?

Richard Ellis plunges into this wealthy subject, investigating the roots of the legend and following its a variety of manifestations into the current. He starts off with the story's origins. Did it come up from a typical prehistorical fantasy? used to be it a ancient remnant of a misplaced urban of pre-Columbians or historical Egyptians? used to be Atlantis an extraterrestrial colony? Ellis sifts throughout the "scientific" facts marshaled to "prove" those theories, and describes the paranormal and non secular importance that has amassed to them over the centuries. He is going directly to discover the prospect that the myth of Atlantis used to be encouraged via a conflation of the excessive tradition of Minoan Crete with the destruction wrought at the Aegean global through the cataclysmic eruption, round 1500 b.c., of the volcanic island of Thera (or Santorini).

A attention-grabbing historic and archaeological detective tale, Imagining Atlantis is a necessary addition to the literature in this crucial point of our mythohistory.

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