IBM Cognos 8 planning : a practical guide to developing and by Ned Riaz; Jason Edwards; Rich Babaran

By Ned Riaz; Jason Edwards; Rich Babaran

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A company's forecast must be based on events and conditions that can change over time. Because information is updated instantaneously, it maintains its relevance when it reaches the decision maker. • Ability to integrate with enterprise data: Companies need to be able to tap into various ERP systems to extract data that impacts their planning and budgeting. Data such as labor rates, material costs, interest rates, and currency rates can directly affect profitability. The planning system must provide interfaces to disparate data sources so that the changes to the operational data can cascade into the financial plans when conditions change.

Panda Garden scenario You, as a Metric Designer, create various revenue metrics for restaurant managers, so they can monitor their revenue performance daily. For example, you could create the metric Quantity of Sesame Chicken entrées sold by linking/importing data from the Sales System. Each store manager can use Metric Studio to view the daily status of this metric. This metric could help them understand the performance of this entrée. [ 22 ] This material is copyright and is licensed for the sole use by Anna Indahl on 12th August 2009 PSC 94 Box 361, , APO, , 09824 Chapter 2 IBM Cognos Reporting Studios IBM Cognos offers three main report studios for report consumers: Report Studio, Analysis Studio, and Query Studio.

In a D-List, we decide what data to include in the model and how the data will behave. The data could be something that will be entered by the planner; it could be pre-populated, or it could be calculated. For example, to build a model of your personal expenses, you may have a list of expense categories (travel, food, and entertainment), you may want to track your spending over time (month, quarter, and year), and you may want to compare different versions of spending (actual and planned). Each of these lists of items could be a D-List.

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