How To Lose The Weight And Keep It Off by Peterson, Jacob

By Peterson, Jacob

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If you just finished your workout it is ok to eat sugar, but any other time of the day I always tell my clients to try to limit their sugar. So if you want to snack, that is 100% ok and will not hurt your weight loss goals, as long as you make sure you are snacking on healthy things. This means you need to drop the cookies and chips and start snacking on things such as fruits, veggies, nuts, beef jerkey, protein shakes, ect. If you choose to snack healthy instead of not snacking at all, it can actually HELP you lose weight instead of gaining weight.

Now obviously I don’t want you guys to skip any of your meals because I want to make sure you keep your metabolism running fast, but out of all the meals to skip, the worst one is breakfast! If you are skipping breakfast, I highly suggest you stop doing that ASAP. In fact, I tell my clients to make sure that breakfast is the biggest meal they eat during the day. Some of you might be wondering why I recommend eating breakfast. There are a couple different reasons for it. First off, when you wake up in the morning you will probably have gone about 8-10 hours without eating anything.

It is also very important to plan out your meals ahead of time because if you don’t then you are just going to start eating anything and everything when you get hungry. If you don’t have your meals planned out you are probably going to end up going out for fast food instead of eating a healthy, home cooked meal. What I like to do is plan out my tomorrows schedule right before I go to bed. I will actually take the time to sit down for about 30 minutes before bed time and actually write down everything I want to do the next day and plan out the exact times I want to do it.

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