Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration by Jack Kornfield, Stanislav Grof, Christina Grof

By Jack Kornfield, Stanislav Grof, Christina Grof

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In this long-awaited ebook, Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof describe their groundbreaking new type of self-exploration and psychotherapy: Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic capacity “moving towards wholeness,” from the Greek holos (whole) and trepein (moving within the course of). The breathwork makes use of the amazing therapeutic and transformative capability of nonordinary states of attention. those states engender a wealthy array of reports with special therapeutic potential—reliving formative years thoughts, infancy, start and prenatal lifestyles, and parts from the ancient and archetypal nation-states of the collective subconscious. triggered through extremely simple means—a mixture of speeded up respiring, evocative song, and bodywork in a secure and supportive environment, Holotropic Breathwork integrates the insights from sleek recognition learn, intensity psychology, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, jap religious practices, and mystical traditions. The Grofs’ paintings with holotropic states of attention has brought innovative alterations to psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. Written in a transparent, simply comprehensible kind, this vital ebook summarizes their amazing insights.

“Stanislav Grof is without doubt one of the most vital pioneers within the clinical knowing of realization. He and his spouse, Christina, have contributed either to its highbrow and experiential figuring out via their paintings with Holotropic Breathwork. Their publication in this new method of self-exploration and remedy is a needs to read.” — Deepak Chopra, writer of Reinventing the physique, Resurrecting the Soul: tips to Create a brand new You

“This attention-grabbing, informative ebook invitations you to open your brain to discover the depths of the psyche and transpersonal dimensions of cognizance. Stanislav and Christina Grof, who pioneered this strong, leading edge method of remedy and private development, provide sound recommendation, completely grounded in many years of useful experience.” — Frances Vaughan, writer of Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing via non secular Illusions

“Take a couple of quick, staccato breaths and open this e-book. you've an outstanding learn, and whilst possibly find a new type of awareness, simply ready within you to be printed. Stanislav and Christina Grof are glossy pioneers of cognizance and this ebook is their map of the territory. Holotropic Breathwork finds how the Grofs constructed their progressive therapeutic innovations, usually informed via interesting tales of individuals being remodeled by way of the breathwork approach. The Grofs are on the middle of the present psycho-spiritual revolution within the West, and this publication is a testomony to their function in our collective healing.” — Wes Nisker, writer of The crucial loopy knowledge and Buddha’s Nature: a pragmatic advisor to learning your home within the Cosmos

“The Grofs supply the 1st entire textual content of the idea and perform in their pioneering and integrative version of experiential psychotherapy and self-exploration. This ‘psychology of the future,’ with its prolonged cartography of the psyche, offers irrefutable proof that spontaneous episodes of nonordinary states of recognition have nice therapeutic, transformative, or even evolutionary strength for humankind. heritage will list that Holotropic Breathwork and the certification education and software designed by means of the Grofs complex the sphere of psychotherapy a ways past the contributions of Freud and Jung.” — Angeles Arrien, writer of The Four-Fold means: strolling the trails of the Warrior, instructor, Healer, and Visionary

“In this impressive publication Stanislav and Christina Grof summarize their pathbreaking discoveries of the prior thirty years. They make major contributions, one to technological know-how, the opposite to our shared destiny. the 1st, through displaying that altered states of attention have a size that's veridical—‘imaginal’ instead of ‘imaginary’—and thereby go beyond the superseded yet nonetheless chronic trust that our adventure of the area is restricted to info conveyed through our senses. the second one, through demonstrating that the altered states accomplished inter alia via their holotropic breathwork technique lessen aggression and improve tolerance, compassion, ecological sensitivity, and a feeling of planetary citizenship. in view that those are the very characteristics we urgently have to take care of the worldwide emergency during which we shortly locate ourselves, their contribution to the way forward for humankind suits their contribution to the way forward for psychology.” — Ervin Laszlo, writer of The Connectivity speculation: Foundations of an vital technology of Quantum, Cosmos, existence, and Consciousness

“Holotropic Breathwork looks to have the opportunity of facilitating mental insights and modifications that may be remarkably speedy and deep.” — Roger Walsh, coeditor of Higher knowledge: Eminent Elders discover the continued influence of Psychedelics

“You carry on your palms a visionary ebook, person who bargains a brand new figuring out of therapeutic, psychological future health, and human capability, in addition to robust concepts to lead to those modifications. constructing such an built-in realizing, which mixes technological know-how, event, and spirit is necessary for the twenty-first century.” — from the Foreword by means of Jack Kornfield

"The long-awaited quantity via Stanislav and Christina Grof is the 1st finished textual content at the conception and perform in their new technique of psychotherapy and self-exploration … this is often bound to be a adored addition to the libraries of clever seekers worldwide and some of the most influential books of the decade." — Renn Butler, member of the Holotropic Breathwork Community

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We can also transcend linear time and experience vivid ancestral, racial, karmic, and phylogenetic sequences, and episodes from the collective unconscious. Transpersonal experiences can provide not only accurate new information about various aspects of the material world, including those that we are unfamiliar with, but also about various figures and realms of the archetypal domain of the collective unconscious. We can witness or even participate in mythological sequences from any culture of the world and any historical period accurately portrayed in every detail.

Spirituality involves a special kind of relationship between the individual and the cosmos and is, in its essence, a personal and private affair. By comparison, organized religion is institutionalized group activity that takes place in a designated location, a temple or a church, and involves a system of appointed officials who might or might not have had personal experiences of spiritual realities themselves. Once a religion becomes organized, it often completely loses the connection with its spiritual source and becomes a secular institution that exploits human spiritual needs without satisfying them.

The lack of a generally accepted theory of psychotherapy and of basic agreement concerning therapeutic practice is very disconcerting. Under these circumstances, a client who has an emotional or psychosomatic disorder can choose a school by flipping a coin. With each school comes a different explanation of the problem he or she brought into therapy and a different technique is offered as the method of choice to overcome it. Similarly, when a beginning therapist seeking training chooses a particular therapeutic school, it says more about the personality of the applicant than the value of the school.

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