Hitler's English Inspirers: Based on Lectures Given in by Manuel Sarkisyanz

By Manuel Sarkisyanz

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Fo r example, Burma's President, Ba U, a High Court Judge in British India, commented on th e suicide of a young Burmes e studyin g la w in Cambridge: "I t was clear tha t the colour bar as practised i n England i n those days had ... upset and unbalance d his mind". 3 4 5 in Arendt 20 p206 an d +10 p311. ^Hiibble-Schleiden, Studies Of East Africa +124 p294; Weber, ExpansionOf Overseas German States +286 p69 in +232 p79. Stanley , White Mutiny 487 pp31,122 ref 69, quoting lette r of Mrs. Francie Marx of 12 August 1858).

Right Lines For Colonial Political Schooling quote d b y Kühn +153 with no reference ; Max Decken, Why Does Germany Need Colonies? )+4 9 p40 in +153. 1 2 3 5 6 43 type... thrived and. helped th e English "gro w towar d the full maturit y o f [their ] race". Thos e withou t purpos e i n üfe, embittered people , "a s a n escap e fro m existential lonelines s an d despair" , wer e t o merg e someho w int o tha t Secre t Society through which Cecil Rhodes meant "to bring the whole uncivilized world " under theruleof Empire—to merge in the "Lost L e g i o n " ..

I n jail for campaigning for Indian rights, he developed the view that "Fascism and imperialism were blood 1 2 3 4 1 Thos t +270 p369; Reynolds 415 p275. 2 Kirkpatrick, Inner Circle 284 p97. * A n d tha t r e m a i n e d s o e v e n i n 1956, with th e reaction , fo r example , i n Frankfurt, w h e n th e Egyptia n Governmen t seize d th e Sue z Cana l fro m English interests : Thi s reactio n sounde d m u c h a s t h o u g h th e Sue z Cana l was bein g seize d fro m German interests . 3 40 Rosenberg , Myth Of 20th Century +210 p642.

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