History of Civilization in England: Volume 2 by Henry Thomas Buckle

By Henry Thomas Buckle

This Elibron Classics e-book is a facsimile reprint of a 1872 variation through Longmans, eco-friendly, and Co., London.

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Page 37 history of civ in Eng Vol2 TO THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. 7 frontier in Estramadura, La Mancha, and New Castile, were almost entirely herdsmen, and their cattle were pastured not in private meadows but in the open fields. 9 All this increased the uncertainty of life, and strengthened that love of adventure, and that spirit of romance, which, at a later period, gave a tone to the popular literature. tinder such circumstances, every thing grew precarious, restless, and unsettled ; thought and inquiry were impossible ; doubt was unknown ; and the way was prepared for those superstitious habits, and for that deep-rooted and tenacious belief, which have always formed a principal feature in the history of the Spanish nation.

P. 333. Compare Houterwek's History of Spanish Literature, vol. i. pp. 105, 106 ; and the account of the battle of las Navas in Circourt, Histoire des Arabes d'Espagne, vol. i. p. " Some of the most startling of these miracles may be found in Lafuente, Historia de Espana, vol. v. p. 227 ; in Mariana, Historia de Espana, vol. ii. pp. 378, 395, vol. iii. p. 338 ; and in Ortiz, Compendio, vol. iii. p. 248, vol. iv. p. 22. 33 One of the most curious of these prophetic dreams is preserved in Conde, Domination de los Arabes, pp.

El glorioso empeno de exterminar a los enemigos de la Fe," p. 453. " Vol. ii. p. 800. " Se armaron nuestros Reyes Catholicos, con zelo y animo alentado del cielo ; y como la causa era de Religion para ensanchar los Dominios de la Fe, sacrificaron todas las fuerzas del Reyno, y sus mismas personas," p. 801. " Fleury, Histoire Ecclesiastique, vol. xviii. p. , vol. xix. pp. 158, 458, vol. xxi. p. 171. " En aquellos tiempos [y duro hasta todo el siglo xv. " Ortiz, Compendio, vol. ni. p. 189. " Vol.

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