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Ridiculous system is better than except this French system, I no system know at But a all. And of none taught save those which I have attempted to teach in this chapter. What finest mistakes are in this way, even by the untaught horseman, are shown in the last para- graph of this chapter. In made all rr/. the practices enjoined above, the hand which HOLDING AND HANDLING THE REINS. ] quits the rein should slide along And receives the rein. it hand which behind the in all these positions the should always be at right angles with the reins have the play of same all the joints.

DOWN 5). I conceive this to be CLUTCH, REIN IN EACH HAND. the Grecian mode frontispiece and vignette, from the Elgin Marbles), except of holding and handling the reins (see mode. ] that the Greeks of two ; had one finger and they held the FIG. divided, between the first finger 6. KEINS. 19 between the reins instead reins, whether together or SIDE CLUTCH. thumb and the second finger. was thus detached, and used only The for guiding, c 2 HOLDING AND HANDLING THE 20 by which very rein when both FIG.

The left. Fig. 11 the turn to or Hunting Fig. 12 for holding the horse to a hunting HOLDING AND HANDLING THE 20 and rough- racing gallop on a snaffle is the same REINS. [CHAP. as Fig. 9, but with rider's Laml - the fists closed. Fig. FIG. 11. position. is same in a the TURN TO THE It is the rough-rider's up and making him this is 13 different LEFT. hand for working a horse collect himself with a snaffle. ] his mouth allowed. (the scier le REINS. bridon of the French) Fig. 14 is the same, with the thumbs is to be fixed on Fixing the hands.

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