High Performance Drupal: Fast and Scalable Designs by Jeff Sheltren, Narayan Newton, Nathaniel Catchpole

By Jeff Sheltren, Narayan Newton, Nathaniel Catchpole

How are you able to support your Drupal web site proceed to accomplish on the optimum point because it grows to satisfy call for? This entire advisor offers most sensible practices, examples, and in-depth factors for fixing numerous functionality and scalability concerns. You’ll the way to practice coding and infrastructure concepts to Drupal internals, software functionality, databases, net servers, and function analysis.

masking Drupal types 7 and eight, this publication is the correct reference for every thing from website deployment to enforcing particular applied sciences similar to Varnish, memcache, or Solr. when you've got a uncomplicated realizing of Drupal and the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) stack, you’re able to get started.
• determine a functionality baseline and outline objectives for development
• Optimize your website’s code and front-end functionality
• Get top and worst practices for customizing Drupal center performance
• practice infrastructure layout strategies to release or extend a domain
• Use instruments to configure, video display, and optimize MySQL functionality
• hire replacement garage and backend seek ideas as your website grows
• track your net servers via httpd and personal home page configuration
• computer screen providers and practice load checks to trap difficulties sooner than they turn into serious

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