Heaven on Earth: A Journey Through Shari'a Law from the by Sadakat Kadri

By Sadakat Kadri

Some fourteen hundred years after the Prophet Muhammad first articulated God’s law—the shari‘a—its earthly interpreters are nonetheless arguing approximately what it capability. Hard-liners lessen it to am­putations, veiling, holy battle, and stonings. Others say that it truly is humanity’s in simple terms warrantly of a simply society. And as tremendous acts of terrorism made the observe “shari‘a” extra arguable than ever in past times decade, the felony historian and human rights legal professional Sadakat Kadri learned that many of us within the West harbored rules approximately Islamic legislations that have been hazy or just fallacious. Heaven on the earth describes his trip, via historical texts and throughout sleek borders, looking for the evidence in the back of the myths.

Kadri brings lucid research and enlivening wit to the turbulent tale of Islam’s starting place and enlargement, displaying how the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings developed progressively into con­cepts of justice. touring the Muslim global to work out the shari‘a’s rules in motion, he encounters a cacophony of felony claims. on the old Indian grave of his Sufi ancestor, unruly jinns are exor­cised within the identify of the shari‘a. In Pakistan’s ma­drasas, stern students ridicule his speak of human rights and insist causes for NATO drone assaults in Afghanistan. In Iran, he hears that God is forgiving adequate to subsidize sex-change operations—but calls for the execution of Mus­lims who switch faith. but the tales of com­pulsion and violence are just a part of an image that still emphasizes compassion and fairness. lots of Islam’s first judges refused even to rule on situations for worry mistake could rattling them, and students from Delhi to Cairo keep that gov­ernments haven't any company imposing faith.

The shari‘a maintains to form explosive po­litical occasions and the day-by-day lives of greater than one billion Muslims. Heaven in the world is a brilliantly iconoclastic travel via one in all humanity’s nice collective highbrow achievements—and an es­sential consultant to at least one of the main disputed yet least understood controversies of contemporary times.

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