Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell: Drawn from Things Heard & by Emanuel Swedenborg

By Emanuel Swedenborg

Heaven and Hell is Swedenborg’s most well-liked publication and his fullest file of his studies within the different international. In it he describes heaven, hell, and the area of spirits that lies among them, and he recounts intimately the method of passing from lifestyles to afterlife, in addition to the next studies of the soul. He counters definite conventional perspectives by means of preserving that angels (and devils) should not a individually created genderless race yet humans (both female and male) who as soon as lived within the actual international. those spirits prove both in heaven or in hell based upon the lives they've got led and the alternatives they've got made on the earth. babies and kids of any and all non secular backgrounds—atheistic, agnostic, non-Christian, or Christian—enter heaven and develop as much as younger grownup age after loss of life, whereas adults keep or regain a nation of healthy early life. Swedenborg colours his account with considerable information about the nature of the non secular world—having to don't merely with angels and their powers, their language, their houses and garments, but additionally with the conditions of devils and evil spirits.

In many respects, Heaven and Hell is “the position to start” when you desire to develop into familiar with Swedenborg’s wealthy account of the afterlife. through the years this quantity has been a lot sought additionally by means of readers who've an curiosity in near-death reports or who search comfort for the lack of a friend.

The New Century version is a latest translation that comes with the newest scholarship approximately Swedenborg and his times.

"Emanuel Swedenborg's paintings is an unlimited, complicated, awesome global, jam-packed with lands and seas of remarkable attractiveness and richness. . . . Now George F. Dole has swept away the stuffiness and stiffness of previous [translations] and given us Swedenborg as he's intended to be: an exciting visionary, a poetic seer of the 1st order. In each admire, this can be a triumph."
—Philip Zaleski, the easiest non secular Writing series

"The Swedenborg beginning has performed handsomely via its eponymous visionary role's translation has the readability and ease of Swedenborg's Latin hugely recommended."
—Library Journal

"Anyone drawn to Western spirituality and esotericism should still learn Swedenborg. he's a grasp. Western tradition after his passage used to be reworked. those that learn him will likewise be reworked. This new translation—crisp, obtainable, or even elegant—is a blessing."

—Christopher Bamford, overview in Parabola

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