Handbook of Elementary Physics by N.I. Koshkin, M.G. Shirkevich, F. Leib

By N.I. Koshkin, M.G. Shirkevich, F. Leib

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273°K. , scientific data are often corfected for a standard atmospheric pressure, which is taken equal to the pressure at sea level at l5°C when the mercury barometer registers 760 mm and the temperature. 5“’ with every l,000 m increase in elevation. Table 51 gives the relation between the height, pressure, density and temperature of a standard atmosphere. The air about us always contains a certain amount of water vapour. ·· As the absolute humidity increases, the water vapour approaches the state of saturation.

The forces may be displaced along their line of action. Centre of gravity of a solid _ body or system of bodies. Every particle of a body is subjected to the pull of gravity. ant (sum) ol all the lurce-; gravity acting on xriicle. ol the bo i- callegl the zseig/zz ol the body. 'l he centre of groom; is called ih point about which the sum of the nioiuents oi the lnrces ol gravity acting on all the particles ol the br dy i >qual t< zero. i at its centre of gravity. Tyzes oi equilibrium. Wlien body returns to its original position alter being ightly ilisplaced, the equilibrium is said to be srrzbhz.

000033 I turated) 0. 000484 Table I0 Average Density of Various Substances Substance I Density, kg ni‘ Asbestos ielt . 600 Asbestos paper 850-900 Asphalt 2 ,120 Beets . . 650 Broadcloth . . . . . . 250 Clay, 15-20% moisture content by weight. ,600-2,000 Concrete mixed with crushed rock, 6% moisture content by weight 2,000 Concrete dry 1,600 Corn (grain) . 750 Cotton wool, air dry 80 Foam concrete 300-1 ,200 Gravel, air drv 1,840. Hay, fresh-mown 50 Hay, compressed . . 100 Lime plaster, 6-8% by weight ....

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