Generation of free momentum and Free energy by the help of by Stefan Marinov

By Stefan Marinov

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Knowing this, the sensitive fieldworker should be alert to the possible influence of factors that a good psycholinguist would naturally control for, including the overall length of the stimulus, attentional factors, the order of presentation, and so on. The real question, then, is when will “upgrading” an informal psycholinguistic experiment into a formal one add value. ” For some subtle matters where there are confounding factors to be carefully controlled for, using psycholinguistic techniques can be valuable.

As Langacker argues, this is a fallacy in hypothesis formation and there is no reason to assume that the two possible analyses are mutually exclusive. Another unwarranted assumption of nonredundancy in representation is Syntagmatic Nonredundancy. indd 15 11/20/2012 9:25:57 AM The Bloomsbury Companion to Syntax the analysis of so-called agreement, or to use a more neutral term, indexation. Indexation is the expression of features of the Subject (and, in some languages, the Object) referent—for example, person, number, and gender/noun class—by a morpheme that is usually affixed to the verb.

More generally, a mere fact is not enough to overturn a theory. indd 29 11/20/2012 9:26:11 AM The Bloomsbury Companion to Syntax that truly threatens the first theory—especially if a pattern of such facts begins to accumulate. So generative theories are defeatable, but generally not by mere counterexamples; those can and often enough should be attributed to anomalies or to unknown factors. Rather, generative theories can be defeated by better theories, ones that fit a wider range of observed facts better.

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