Gender and Culture by Cadsby, Hamaguchi, Kawagoe, Maynes

By Cadsby, Hamaguchi, Kawagoe, Maynes

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Chronic Anticipation, Obsessive Ruminating, Peculiar Thoughts These poisons are still a few other depressed bedfellows. Much slush is twisted into useless anticipation of events that have no importance or will never occur or over which there can be no control. Much slush is twisted into obsessive ruminating or endless, useless, intertwined worries that go on with no object other than selftorture, self-deception (avoidance of anger), and dissipation of perverted anger. There are people who spend half a lifetime and nearly all their energy in self-destructive preoccupation with pasts that can not be undone and futures that will never arrive.

Well, it doesn't! It goes into the slush fund. The victim of putting it off delays feeling anger and responding to it, either unconsciously, consciously, or both. This is the person w h o generally puts off problems, conflicts, decisions, responsibility, and doing whatever has to be done. He feels that if it doesn't go away, at least there may come a time when it will be safer to feel, to express, and to do. Actually his slush fund builds up, produces various "poisons," becomes full to the point of explosion, and makes him feel less and less capable of handling his angry feelings.

As she was able to feel, accept, and express (with a good deal of emotion) these feelings, the thoughts vanished and sleep ensued. This was no simple matter. For this to happen, her attitude toward anger plus her unrealistic angelic image of herself had to be changed, which required much self-examination in all areas and realistic self-acceptance. We both worked hard and the results were very gratifying. Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Chronic Anticipation, Obsessive Ruminating, Peculiar Thoughts These poisons are still a few other depressed bedfellows.

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