Fly Fishing: The Lifetime Sport by David Young, Cheryl Young

By David Young, Cheryl Young

After learning the booklet i attempted its equipment and that i loved my such a lot capable season ever! I stuck extra and bigger trout.

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After mating, the male usually falls spent to the water or ground and the female begins depositing her eggs on the water’s surface or sometimes underneath the water. Then she falls spent, creating a spinner’s fall. Trout enjoy most of the phases of the different 4 groups, having interest in some more than others. 0D\ÁLHV 2 Tails Mottled Wings Non-Mottled Wings Large 8-10 X Large Large 10-12 #6 Hexagenia #10 Gray Drake Med. 12-16 *Brown Drake Med. 12-16 Secondary Wings *March Brown Underdeveloped Secondary Wings *Blue Winged Olive Small 16-24 *Centrptilum or *Blue Winged Olive *Callibaetis Underdeveloped Secondary Wings Secondary Wings *Blue Winged Olive Fly Fishing: The Lifetime Sport 51 0D\ÁLHV 3 Tails (Note: none are mottled wings) Med.

Line. With this outfit I can create narrow fast loops which cut through the wind more effectively than my 7 and 8 weight outfits. I guess it’s easier to toss a softball than a volley ball on a windy day. Angle the casting planes to take advantage of the wind. For example, when casting into the wind angle the backcast high where the wind will help straighten it out; then, direct the forward cast downwards toward the surface where there is less wind. (See Diagram 9) Casting with the wind aids the forward cast and hinders the backcast.

This stance allows the rod hand to drift backwards and upwards on the backcast. This drift occurs after the backcast is completed and allows for a longer forward cast stroke. (See Diagram 12) Distance Casting Trajectories For distance casting, angle the trajectories so it is launched upwards on both the back and forward casts. When the line straightens it will settle to a lower angle. Start both forward and back casts at this lowered angle. These trajectories allow for maximum casting distances because the rod moves through the longest possible arc.

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