F-100 Super Sabre In Action by Larry Davis, David Menard, Dave Gebhardt, Darren Glenn, Don

By Larry Davis, David Menard, Dave Gebhardt, Darren Glenn, Don Greer

F-100 great Sabre In motion КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ F-100 tremendous Sabre In motion (Aircraft quantity 190)ByLarry DavisPublisher: Squadron Signal200352 PagesISBN: 0897474597PDF23 MBThe North American Aviation F-100 great Sabre, usually nicknamed The Hun' (for Hundred), was once the 1st construction airplane to exceed the rate of sound in point flight. North American's F-86 Sabre and a few different early jet plane simply broke the sound barrier in a dive. The rocket-powered Bell X-l sequence additionally broke the sound barrier, yet they can now not take off less than their very own energy. The 'Hun' may holiday the barrier at any time and it used to be a real air­craft, respiring air to make energy and ready to take off and land lower than its personal strength. established as an evolution of the F-86 layout sequence, the F-100 was once actually a 'Super Sabre.'Following at the luck of the F-86 Sabre software. North American Aviation (NAA) begun an in-house application to extend the Sabre design's overall functionality on three February 1949. This layout may make the Sabre in a position to flying at Mach 1 velocity and past in point flight. The F-86 Sabre layout used to be restricted to nearly 0.95 Mach in point flight. numerous proposals have been positioned forth, together with install of a far higher engine and a whole remodel of the airframe together with the wing sweep perspective, to diminish the drag co-efficient of the elemental layout. All of those proposals will require a complete redecorate of the airframe, no longer easily bolting in a single of the hot, larger thrust engines or an easy swap within the wing. sharingmatrixletitbit zero

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