Experimental Psychology Its Scope and Method: Volume V by Joseph Nuttin

By Joseph Nuttin

First released in English in 1968, Joseph Nuttin contributes the 1st bankruptcy, on Motivation. He discusses a variety of facets of the motivational method. comparable to incentives, clash, social motivation, and detrimental motivation, and describes the mechanism of the method. the second one bankruptcy, by way of Paul Fraisse, is at the feelings. Fraisse examines the character of the feelings, either at the behavioural and at the neurophysiological degrees, and is going directly to outline and talk about relocating occasions. He exhibits the different sorts of expression an emotional response could take, and discusses the motives of hyper-emotionality.

Richard Meili writes at the constitution of the character, exhibiting the significance of the assumption of trait within the psychology of character. He describes using the factorial process within the research of character, and provides an account of the beginnings of character, in addition to the various elements, often called cases, of the full association of personality.

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An experimentalgroup of 34- university students are given a first list of 4-8 questionson 12 invertebrateanimals (eight being more or less well known and the other four exotic). The subjectsare required to carry out several operationsconcerningthesequestions,for example,to indicatethe 12 questions whose replies interest them most, or the questionsprovoking surprise,etc. Then follows a list of statementsof fact including amongstthem the solutionsto the questionsin thefirst questionnaire; then the subjectsreceivea final list repeatingthe problems of thefirst questionnairebut this time phrasedin sucha way that 35 JosephNuttin they must completethe sentencewith the aid of what they can rememberof the precedinglist (statementsof fact).

IS. Experimentalcubicle for the study of perceptualisolation. ) The diagramshowsthe cubicle from abovewith the ceiling cut away. Also shownare microphoneand speaker,and EEG leads. During part of the studythe subject'sheadwas placedin a U-shapedfoam rubber headpiece. 9·) continue the experimentfor which they were paid 20 dollars a day, but during which they were deprivedof the outside'world'. This gives an idea of the intensity of the need for contactwith objects. Mental inadequacyin children deprived of affective human contact have been demonstratedin the studiesof Spitz and many others (vide infra, Social Motivations, p.

Beyond these, that is as soon as the task becomestoo difficult or too easy, the result is consideredto be determinedby the nature of the task itself. As soon as less or more time was allowed, substitutiongoals were observed(vide infra, p. ). C) Repetitionand new objectives. Concerningrepetitionof the 1 Jucknat'sexperimentswere begun in 1931 in Berlin when Lewin was still there. 22 Motivation sameactivity, it is important to note that, contrary to a certain idea of the law of effect, the subject does not repeat the same task becauseit led to success(vide supra, p.

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