Eve: Sex, Childbirth and Motherhood Through the Ages by Petrina Brown

By Petrina Brown

To alleviate sore breasts, drink mouse dung diluted with rainwater and ass’s milk … In Eve, Petrina Brown explores the altering elements of intercourse and relationships; the impression of faith and folklore; the altering function of the midwife; and the advance of scientific intervention within the birthing method. A average storyteller, she has researched customs and ceremonies from all over the world, revealing remarkable fertility, birth control and abortion practices either glossy and historical. Eve is an insightful and compelling trip via social background; from prehistorical Egypt and Mesopotamia, vacationing via old Greece and the Roman Empire, taking within the heart a long time and finishing as we speak. Royalties will visit leap forward Breast melanoma.

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50 Plainly, now is not the first time nature has appeared in so many contested shapes and volatile forms. Conceptions of nature that encompass both the “nature” of desire and a longing for unadulterated purity go back, at the very least, to the Platonic Christianity of Saint Paul. And certainly, there is nothing new about the conceptual somersault whereby the heady euphoria of Rousseauian nature gives a sharp and gut-wrenching turn to the lawlike structures and dictatorial imperatives of a master design.

You and I have been forewarned—and on the authority of science, no less: It would be folly to flout this nature, so full of implications not only for gay and straight, male and female, but also for deviation and norm, and for distinctions of every kind. We are thus invited to pick our place in nature as either variations on or deformations of a heterosexual design. 10 Such are the politics of nature at the beginning of the third Christian millennium: so many unsatisfying options. So many demands to conform to one’s own true nature, however that nature is conceived.

Ironies and equivocations This, then, is a book about how political interests are variously staged, reflected, refracted, and contested in a public culture where certainty jostles with uncertainty over fundamental premises—an attempt at writing en cours about a moment whose characteristic icons include both Hallmark homilies on natural sex roles and stunts by RuPaul, drag queen supermodel of the world. 55 It is not quite a science studies book, nor is it exactly a media criticism book. Rather, the following chapters track the dialectical flow of contrary claims about the “nature” of men, women, and desire: from popular culture to the culture of science and back again through mass media outlets.

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