Ethnical Issues in Psychology (Routledge Modular Psychology) by Cara Flanagan, Philip Banyard

By Cara Flanagan, Philip Banyard

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If we say that psychological research should improve human life (see below), then we should include ordinary people in the process and inform them of what we are doing. Mind you, there’s not a lot of money to be made out of that. It is much more profitable to invent something that people were doing fine without but have now come to believe is essential and then sell it to them. Our world is full of useless products that are testament to this process. Consider the role of the 29 ETHICAL ISSUES AND GUIDELINES IN PSYCHOLOGY bereavement counsellor.

1. Introduction Good psychological research is only possible if there is mutual respect and confidence between investigators and participants. 1 Summary of the British Psychological Society ‘Ethical principles for conducting research with human participants’ (BPS 2000) 1. Introduction. Good psychological research is only possible if there is mutual respect and confidence between investigators and participants. Ethical guidelines are necessary to clarify the conditions under which psychological research is acceptable.

From the participant’s view the issue is one of psychological harm. From society’s point of view this harm may be balanced by the potential for increased knowledge which may save or improve lives. The issue is one of relative morality. The psychologist conducting the research may be torn between responsibilities towards both the individual and towards society. Equally chilling and less well known are the instructions given by Zimbardo to the experimental participants who had been given the role of guard in his famous Stanford Prison Experiment.

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