Essentials of Medical Biochemistry: With Clinical Cases by N. V. Bhagavan, Chung-Eun Ha

By N. V. Bhagavan, Chung-Eun Ha

Specialist biochemist N.V. Bhagavan's new paintings condenses his profitable clinical Biochemistry texts besides various case stories, to behave as an intensive assessment and reference advisor for either scholars and specialists alike. The research-driven content material comprises four-color illustrations all through to improve an realizing of the occasions and strategies which are happening at either the molecular and macrolecular degrees of physiologic rules, scientific results, and interactions. utilizing thorough introductions, finish of bankruptcy stories, fact-filled tables, and comparable multiple-choice questions, Bhagavan presents the reader with the main condensed but targeted biochemistry evaluation to be had. greater than a brief survey, this complete textual content comprises USMLE pattern assessments from Bhagavan himself, a prior coauthor.

* scientific concentration emphasizing correct physiologic and pathophysiologic biochemical concepts
* Interactive multiple-choice inquiries to prep for USMLE exams
* medical case stories for knowing simple technological know-how, prognosis, and remedy of human diseases
* educational assessment figures, flowcharts, and tables to reinforce realizing

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Fe2ϩ in hemoglobin and the cytochromes). Electrostatic repulsion occurs between charged groups of the same charge and is the opposite of ionic (attractive) forces. This kind of repulsion acts according to Coulomb’s law: q1q2/r2, where q1 and q2 are the charges and r is the interatomic separation. van der Waals repulsive forces operate between atoms at very short distances from each other and result from the dipoles induced by the mutual repulsion of electron clouds. Since there is no involvement of a fixed dipole (in contrast to van der Waals attractive forces), the dependence on distance in this case is even greater (1/r12).

The titration is initiated with glycine hydrochloride, ClϪ(H3ϩNCH2COOH), which is the fully protonated form of the amino acid. In this form, the molecule contains two acidic functional groups; therefore, two equivalents of base are required to completely titrate 1 mol of glycine hydrochloride. There are two pKЈ values: pK1Ј due to reaction of the carboxyl group and pK2Ј due to reaction of the ammonium group. 66 (pKЈ2). 68 ⎜⎜⎜ 1 ⎜⎝ 2 ⎜⎝ 2 ⎛ ⎜⎝ 2 ⎛ ⎜⎝ 2 ⎛ ⎜⎝ 2 ⎟⎠ ⎟⎠ ⎞ ⎟⎠ ⎞ ⎟⎠ ⎞ ⎟⎠ *The pKЈ values for functional groups in proteins may vary significantly from the values for free amino acids.

Eleven protofibrils form a microfibril. The polypeptides within the supercoil are held together by disulfide linkages and are also stabilized by van der Waals interactions between the nonpolar side chains. The number of disulfide cross-linkages in α-keratins varies from one source to another. Skin is stretchable because it has fewer cross-links, whereas nails are inflexible and tough because they have many more cross-links. D Other Types of Secondary Structure Other distinct types of protein secondary structure include the type present in collagen, a fibrous connective tissue protein which is the most abundant of all human proteins.

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