The zebrafish/ [1], Cellular and developmental biology by Monte Westerfield, Leonard I. Zon, H. William Detrich III

By Monte Westerfield, Leonard I. Zon, H. William Detrich III

This quantity of Methods in telephone Biology, the 1st of 2 components with regards to zebrafish, presents a entire compendia of laboratory protocols and stories overlaying all of the new equipment constructed on the grounds that 1999. this primary quantity offers state of the art descriptions of novel mobile imaging applied sciences and techniques for tradition of zebrafish stem cells, summarizes protocols for analyzingthe improvement of significant organ structures together with the critical worried procedure (CNS), and introduces using the zebrafish as a version approach for human illnesses.

* info state-of-the artwork zebrafish protocols, delineating serious steps within the methods in addition to strength pitfalls
* Illustrates many techiques in full-color
* Summarizes the Zebrafish Genome venture

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B. 5% agarose 1% agarose 1. pG1 Brn3c:GAL4;UAS:GAP43-GFP (gift of T. Roeser, T. Xiao, M. Smear, and H. Baier). Drives expression of membrane-targeted GFP in RGCs. 2. pBSK –tubulin:GAL4 (Ko¨ ster and Fraser, 2001b). Drives expression in diVerentiated neurons including tectal cells. 3. , 2004). Dual construct that labels tectal dendrites with DsRedExpress, and post-synaptic sites with PSD95-GFP, when coinjected with pBSK –tubulin:GAL4. 5% low-melt agarose in E2/GN for injection plates 1% low-melt agarose in E2/GN for mounting embryos Picospritzer or other microinjection apparatus Microinjection needles Coverslip-bottomed dishes c.

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