Engineering Mechanics: Volume 1: Equilibrium by C. Hartsuijker

By C. Hartsuijker

This is often the 1st of 2 volumes introducing structural and continuum mechanics in a complete and constant method. the present publication provides all theoretical advancements either in textual content and through an in depth set of figures. This similar procedure is utilized in the various examples, drawings and difficulties. either formal and intuitive (engineering) arguments are utilized in parallel to derive the rules used, for example in bending second diagrams and shear strength diagrams. a crucial point of this booklet is the easy and constant signal conference, in response to the tension definitions of continuum mechanics. The ebook is acceptable for self-education.

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5 The end result is not influenced by the order in which the forces in a force polygon are exerted. Question: Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force on the ring if F1 = 1000 N, F2 = 750 N. 7, the forces have been drawn to scale, with 1 cm = ˆ 250 N. 7b, we can construct the resultant R. 6 A ring subject to two forces. 95 × 250 N = 1488 N. 5◦ with the vertical. Check: The magnitude and direction of the resultant R can also be calculated from the force triangle ABC. 8. 7 The forces drawn to scale in (a) a parallelogram and (b) force polygon.

Here we have two equations with two unknowns, namely the magnitude of 1 It is incorrect to say that “the forces neutralise one another” as the forces continue to exist. 22 tainer. The forces acting on joint A when unloading a con- 37 38 ENGINEERING MECHANICS. VOLUME 1: EQUILIBRIUM the forces F1 and F2 . 3420 × F2 = 8800 N, so that: F1 = 8984 N, F2 = 500 N. Alternative solution: We also can calculate the forces on the basis of the closed force polygon for the equilibrium of junction A. 23, suffices.

9a has to be resolved into two forces Fa and Fb with the given lines of action a and b. 9 The force F in P has to be resolved into two components with given lines of action a and b. 27 28 ENGINEERING MECHANICS. 9b shows the forces Fa and Fb on the lines of action a and b. Along a and b the directions of the forces can be chosen freely. In the analytical approach, we calculate Fa and Fb on the basis of the condition that the sum of the components from Fa and Fb is equal to the corresponding component of F in each of the coordinate directions Fx;a + Fx;b = Fx , (a) Fy;a + Fy;b = Fy .

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