Energy Technologies at the Cutting Edge by Claude Mandil, Executive Director

By Claude Mandil, Executive Director

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Secondary Steelmaking: Principles and Applications

The steelmaking and its clients have benefited vastly from the various major technological advances of the final thirty years. As their consumers turn into ever extra caliber unsleeping, even though, steelmakers needs to proceed their efforts to reduce damaging impurities, reduce in addition to adjust destructive nonmetallic inclusions and attain the optimal casting temperature, content material of alloying components, and homogeneity.

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First a review of the literature pertaining to the use of FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) as a diesel replacement fuel with a special emphasis on research results related to overcoming the technical barriers. Second, an in-depth investigation into the new concepts being proposed for flexible bio-refineries will be undertaken. In addition to thoroughly understanding the chemical and thermal processes required by the concepts, the focus of this work is to understand how broadly we can reasonably extend the range of biomass feedstocks as well as fuel products from the conceptual bio-refineries.

The potential environmental impacts and necessary vehicle/engine modifications are equally important. The primary focus of the Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement (AMF IA) is to form policies and strategies to facilitate the market introduction of advanced motor fuels and related vehicle technologies in member countries. Background development and fuel specifications to evaluate those biodiesel options with the potential of meeting future diesel fuel quality requirements. Another research area of the AMF IA studies emissions of heavy-duty urban vehicles by comparing a number of duty cycles on several heavy-duty vehicles.

Choosing the most suitable fuel and finding how to store it on board is probably the most important question for fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen, methanol or even liquid fossil fuels for SOFC will be investigated. Exotic fuels such as ammonia or other liquid or gaseous fuels will also be studied for their practical relevance as fuel for fuel cells. The HEV IA is investigating opportunities for common activities on mobile applications of fuel cells with the AFC IA. org Photo courtesy of Nissan. 53 Fossil Fuels Fossil Fuels Clean Coal Centre Enhanced Oil Recovery Fluidised Bed Conversion Greenhouse Gas R&D Multiphase Flow Science 55 clean coal centre CLEAN COAL PROJECTS Policy Brief Coal is a reliable, abundant energy source.

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