Encounters With The Nagual Conversations With Carlos by Armando Torres

By Armando Torres

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Without it, there is no path. Don Juan used to disparagingly refer to apprentices who had not recapitulated as 'radioactive'. Don Genaro would not even shake hands with me, and if I touched him accidentally, he would run to wash himself as if I had infected him. He said I was full of dirt and it was seeping out through every pore of my skin. " In another lecture, Carlos referred to a kind of luminous Stagnation, which he described as a fixation of our attention that blocks the flow of energy. He said that this happens when we refuse to face facts and try to protect ourselves by hiding behind evasive actions.

He explained that, in general, the new seers opt for a position of celibacy and self-sufficiency, because they are very greedy with their energy and they prefer to dedicate it to the expansion of their awareness. They have witnessed worlds on their journeys into infinity that make all other things seem pale and without attraction, even the sexual act. " Responding to another question, he said that there is no such thing as 'a sexual problem', only individuals with their own and very particular dilemmas to solve.

I had an example of this in my grandfather. ' He already had one foot in the grave, and still kept reacting the way they had taught him. He spent half his time getting a woman and the other half working to maintain her, and he never realized that he had never been shown "Finally, on his deathbed, the old man became bitter with the idea that his lovers didn't want him for his manliness anymore, but for his money. " He admitted that, before deciding to practice the warrior's way, he believed he was a seductive man and he behaved as one, driven by the latin male stereotype, "Once I seduced a girl and brought her to my car.

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