Double Fertilization: Embryo and Endosperm Development in by Val Raghavan

By Val Raghavan

"Double Fertilization" presents a complete review of all elements of this principal occasion within the replica and improvement of flowering vegetation. Written by way of Val Raghavan, The Ohio country college, an said professional in plant developmental biology, the booklet vividly describes the molecular and mobile steps of the original and intricate fertilization method that culminates within the formation of embryo and endosperm, concentrating on the most recent effects from the version plant Arabidopsis. The textual content is complemented by means of very good illustrations, together with sixteen colour plates.

Since embryo and endosperm represent the safe to eat elements of many seeds and grains commonly used in human and animal foodstuff, an realizing of the fertilization method has nice relevance for genetic engineering geared toward enhancing the dietary caliber of crop crops. This e-book is superb to researchers and graduate scholars looking a coherent view of present views on embryogenesis and endosperm improvement in flowering plants.

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