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From morning to dead night, those superbly illustrated publications invite readers to spend an afternoon with the animals and vegetation that inhabit the world's such a lot attention-grabbing environments.

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Migration Moving from one place to another according to the seasons. Animals usually migrate to breed or find food. Native Animals, plants, or people that belong in a particular place. Polar bears are native to the Arctic. Long-tailed jaeger Gyrfalcon you hav e met in the Musk oxen Arctic. Polar bears Walrus Eider duck Long-tailed ducks Arctic tern Snow geese Bearded seal Pack ice The large masses of ice that result when the frozen sea breaks up. Picture credits Plankton The mass of tiny plants and animals that float around in the sea and provide food for fish and marine animals.

Is n This scary formatio 30 Coat of many layers Each musk ox has a covering of coarse, shaggy hair (called guard hair) that hangs down like a long skirt over its stocky body. Underneath this are fine, soft hairs that provide lightweight insulation. Hairy beast Communal living 5:02 pm Once snow falls, it forms a crust that lasts until the thaw. In winter, oxen use their hooves to get at the lichen and grass they like to eat. 5:14 pm This very new calf has bumps where his horns will grow and a coat of short guard hair.

Scavenging means eating dead animals or human garbage. Scavenger hunt Glaucous gulls are very large birds. Ravens are skilled scavengers that are often found picking at the carcasses of seals and caribou. It’s not only polar bears that eat seals. Glaucous gulls can’t kill seals, but they scavenge on dead ones. On land, Arctic foxes can be found hanging around polar bears. When food is very, very scarce, they sometimes eat bears’ droppings. Wolverines are well suited to scavenging— their powerful jaws and strong neck muscles allow them to crush bones and bite through frozen flesh.

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