Dirk Pitt 09 Treasure by Clive Cussler

By Clive Cussler

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He looked up at the sky. The aircraft with its unsuspecting crew and passengers flew straight toward the glacier that gradually rose, closing the gap between ice and metal. He stood there watching as the faint sound of the jet engines died and the blinking navigation lights melted into the black 4 night. Back in the galley, one of the flight attendants tilted her head, listening. " she asked. Gary Rubin, the chief steward, stepped into the aisle and faced toward the bow of the plane. He could hear what sounded like a continuous, muffled roar, almost like rushing water in the distance.

D. " Gronquist gave Lily a scolding look. "You never give in, do you? " "Mike Graham is an expert on ancient coins. One of his specialties is dating sites around the Mediterranean. " "Won't cost us a nickel for an appraisal," said Gronquist agreeably. "Come along. " Lily donned her heavy fur-lined gloves, adjusted the hood of her parka and turned down the Coleman. Gronquist switched on a flashlight and held the door open for her. She stepped into the agony of the numbing cold and wind that groaned like a ghost in a churchyard.

Fourteen more sustained various wounds. The slaves had suffered the worst. More than half were killed or missing. He approached Venator, who was binding up a gash on one arm with a torn piece of his tunic. The Greek wise man still carried his precious tally sheet securely under his sash. " "Does it matter? " Severus did not reply. The fight abruptly resumed as the barbarians unleashed another discharge of spears and rocks that filled the air and thumped against the shields. He quickly returned to his place in front of the depleted square.

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