Dirk Pitt 02 The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler

By Clive Cussler

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It was his other mind, the unconscious one that waskeeping him awake. Like a movie projector, it flashed pictures of the strangeevents from the previous day, over and over again. One picture stood out above all the rest. It was the photograph in a gallery ofthe Imperial War Museum. Pitt could recall it vividly. The camera had caught aGerman aviator posing beside a World War I fighter plane. He was garbed in theflying togs of the day, and his right hand rested upon the head of an immensewhite German Shepherd.

We are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack! ” The voice was near hysteria. Pitt replied, “Brady Control, this is PBY-086. ” “Thank God, someone answered,” the voice gasped. ” “I was hit in the first attack, I.. ” Pitt spoke slowly and did not repeat his position. ” “We have no defense. All our aircraft were destroyed on the ground. The nearest interceptor squadron is seven hundred miles away. They’ll never get here in time. ” Pitt shook his head from side to side from habit. “Negative Brady Control.

The flyer stared back atthe camera with a boyish face that somehow looked naked without the usualPrussian dueling scar and monocle. However, the proud Teutonic military bearingcould be easily seen in the hint of an insolent grin and the ramrod straightposture. Presumed shot down and lost in the Aegean Sea on July 15, 1918. For some time, Pitt lay staring in the darkness. There would be no more sleep tonight he thought. Sitting up and leaning on oneelbow, he reached over a bedside table, groped for his Omega watch and held itin front of his eyes.

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