Cyclin Dependent Kinase 5 (Cdk5) by Toshio Ohshima (auth.), Li-Huei Tsai, Nancy Y. Ip (eds.)

By Toshio Ohshima (auth.), Li-Huei Tsai, Nancy Y. Ip (eds.)

Cyclin established Kinase 5 presents a accomplished and up to date number of stories at the discovery, signaling mechanisms and features of Cdk5, in addition to the aptitude implication of Cdk5 within the remedy of neurodegenerative ailments. because the identity of this designated member of the Cdk family members, Cdk5 has emerged as probably the most very important sign transduction mediators within the improvement, upkeep and fine-tuning of neuronal features and networking. extra stories have printed that Cdk5 is usually linked to the legislation of neuronal survival in the course of improvement in addition to in neurodegenerative ailments. those observations point out that particular regulate of Cdk5 is vital for the rules of neuronal survival. The pivotal function that Cdk5 looks to play in either the legislation of neuronal survival and synaptic features therefore increases the attention-grabbing danger that Cdk5 inhibitors can have healing power for the remedy of a few neurodegenerative diseases.

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