Creating the Soul Body: The Sacred Science of Immortality by Robert E. Cox

By Robert E. Cox

Outlines the foundations and mechanics of the soul physique, the religious motor vehicle that allows person attention to outlive the body’s demise

• indicates that the traditional Vedic, Egyptian, Hebraic, and Pythagorean traditions shared and understood this non secular perform
• unearths smooth technology as merely now awakening to this historical sacred science

Ancient peoples across the world understood that specific cognizance is rooted in a common box of recognition and is hence everlasting, surviving the passing of the actual physique. They engaged in non secular practices to make that transition maximally auspicious. those practices will be defined as a type of alchemy, within which base components are discarded and better degrees of recognition are discovered. the result's the construction of a car, a soul physique, that incorporates recognition past actual death.

These religious arrangements are symbolized within the Vedic, Egyptian, and Hebraic traditions as a divine stairway or ladder, a step by step direction of ascent within which the practitioner increases realization via levels till it involves relaxation within the bosom of the limitless, thereby turning into “immortal.” This non secular procedure explains the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, for instance, whose reincarnation is proven in infancy via actual and non secular indicators, indicating that the awareness has been carried from one lifetime to the next.

In Creating the Soul Body, Robert Cox maps the non secular trip of attention in the back of this sacred technological know-how of immortality and divulges the perform of constructing a soul physique intimately. He additionally exhibits that this historical religious technology resembles complex theories of recent technology, reminiscent of wave and particle idea and the unified box idea, and divulges that sleek technology is just now awakening to this historical technology of “immortality.”

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Corbin was concerned about the destabilizing effect that modern agnostic and nihilistic culture would have upon such traditional societies and wanted to avoid the clash of dogmatisms which has in fact developed. Scientific rationalism can degenerate into a fundamentalism just as dogmatic and fanatic as expressed within any religion but bolstered by rationality. It is sophisticated, organized, powerfully focused, and has tremendous economic, intellectual, and social prestige and power. Thus the conflicting powers are rooted in the dual dogmas of science and religion, and they share nothing like a common language or a common view of the world.

57 THE WORLD TURNED INSIDE OUT COMING HOME G. T. "7 The soul can only be at home in a world ensouled, animated with presences, which are here conceived as Angels. Only by turning inward can the objectivity of the world of the Anima Mundi be found. "10 All events, all abstractions by which we refer to events and actions are referred back to the person of the agent who enacts the action or the event as the true reality of both. For all mental or ideal reality, every concept (ma 'na) in the world of the universal has its counterpart in the world of the individual: a concrete person..

And who is the Angel that the soul meets? In order to begin to answer the first and to investigate the nature of this "place," we need to return to that primordial, mythic sense of space that we encountered earlier as central to the notion of Presence. As we are not objects in historical time, so we are not primordially in quantitative space. The human presence spatializes a world around it in accordance with the mode of being of that presence. As is the case for primordial time, the space of this primary presence is a qualitative, discontinuous space.

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