Cooking with Love by Leslie Sellers (Auth.)

By Leslie Sellers (Auth.)

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Of all the lying drivel poured out in the TV ads none is more lying or drivellish than those ads which show hungry families being filled to bursting point from cans—particularly those steaming dishes holding the contents of a dozen tins which would have cost m u m fifteen b o b . Some of the canned soups are great. But there's only one way to get a soup or broth that's cheap and nourishing and good enough for a main course on a tough day, and that's to make it yourself. There are any number of bases you can use for the stock, and most of them are practically given away: bones from the butcher for a copper or t w o ; bacon bits and chump ends of lamb knocked down to a shilling a p o u n d (I've even bought these for sixpence a pound in Peckham late on Saturday afternoon); h a m shanks or knuckles (or hock ends, as they're known in the N o r t h ) , which any number of shops knock down to ninepence apiece; the cheapest cut of beef.

T r o u t with A l m o n d s butter 2 oz nibbed or finely chopped almonds 1 trout per person W h a t can follow this delicacy? I know of nothing better or simpler or more luxurious than trout with almonds. It has the advantage, too, that frozen trout can be used, and no one will know the difference. It is, as I said, easy. Put plenty of butter in the b o t t o m of a heavy frying pan. In it fry gently for a couple of minutes two ounces of nibbed or finely chopped—but not ground—almonds. Add the trout and carry on frying till they're done.

C 55 In a heavy frying pan soften in butter a small onion chopped extremely finely. Dust the kidneys with a mixture of flour, paprika, and salt, add them to the onion, and cook for a few minutes. N o w the tricky bit. W a r m half a cup of brandy in a little pan, set it alight, and quickly p o u r it over the kidneys. Immediately douse the flames with a small quantity of double cream. Stir well over a gentle heat for a minute or so and serve on squares of fried bread. With a bit of luck, you won't need to bother with the cheese course.

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