Complete Works of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan: Lectures by Hazrat Inayat Khan

By Hazrat Inayat Khan

All recognized talks compiled from unique resources

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Mile Coué (see List) 12. : “well” crossed out, and “good” written above 13. : “that” crossed out 9 using the word and its repetition in order to regain his14 health, very few things are15 accomplished, and compared with the spiritual attainment it is still small. But, intellectually, Coué is explaining the same thing the Sufi Order explains for the higher attempt16. 17 There are pebbles and19 stones, but all are called stones. Man20 seems to have lost all21 this time a22 communication with himself by the tremendous of impossibilities23 of everyday of 24 life.

8. : “India being motherland of Vedanta and Buddhism” instead of “In Islam, in Buddhism” 9. : “will” instead of “would” 10. : “will” instead of “may” 11. : “college of Sufism” instead of “cottage” 12. : “and Jews” added 13. : “meet” instead of “rest” 14. : “for the good of mankind, whatever that man may be” instead of “mankind whatever his religion” 15. : a word which could be “destined” instead of “the thing” 16. : “should rise” instead of “came forth” 17. : “wars” added before “hatred” 18. : “If one only could [indecipherable] conditions hum[anity] has gone through, one cannot deny suffered most any time of history can sh[ow].

He asks himself: Is it my mind? The answer comes: No. The mind is something I possess, it is something one witnesses. There must be a difference between the knower and the known. By this in the end the Sufi comes to an understanding of the illusionary character of all the things he possesses. It is like a man who has a coat made; it is his coat, it is not he himself. Then the mystic begins to think: It is not myself who thinks, it is the mind. It is the body which suffers, it is not myself. It is a kind of liberation for him to know: I am not my mind.

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