Colloidal Quantum Dot Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics by Konstantatos G., Sargent E.H. (eds.)

By Konstantatos G., Sargent E.H. (eds.)

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370 nm and a PLQY reaching 20% [14, 38]. An additional reaction stage consisting of the heat treatment of the synthesized QDs in the presence of Zn ions, GSH, and thiourea leads to improvement of the ZnS shell and a corresponding quantum yield (QY) enhancement of up to 65% [38]. 6 Se alloyed QDs, respectively. (b) Evolution of the absorption (···) and PL (–) spectra of Zn1–x Cdx Se QDs with time. (c) QYs and PL maxima of Zn1–x Cdx Se QDs as a function of Cd molar fraction. Adapted with permission from [14].

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