Ciba Foundation Symposium 169 - Aluminium in Biology and

Admired individuals handle matters in regards to the toxicity of aluminum which reasons an encephalopathy in renal dialysis sufferers and is usually identified to break animals and crops through acid rain. Examines the chemistry and biology of aluminum compounds targeting the proof for and opposed to aluminum's function in Alzheimer's sickness.


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Environ Health Perspect 8:3-95 Versieck J, Cornelis R 1980 Measuring aluminum levels. N Engl J Med 302:468 DISCUSSION Blair: You spoke about aluminium pans used for cooking. However, these are of several kinds-plain aluminium, or anodized aluminium, or aluminium coated with teflon. Greger: We didn’t test the teflon-coated type, because A1 is not going to leach through that surface in significant quantities. According to the Cookware Manufacturers’ Association (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin), fewer than 10% of the aluminium pans sold in the United States are anodized.

I .......... a........ 0 20 40 60 80 100 storage time (h] 120 140 160 FIG. 1), during storage in a new and in a used aluminium bottle. Greger: It is a matter of different food choices in the sense that biscuits, cookies, quickbreads and cornbread that are made with baking powder are not as popular in Europe as they are in certain sections of the USA. Flaten: I believe that Al-continuing baking powder is less commonly used in Europe than in the USA. Regarding your point that with improvement in analytical methodology, natural levels of A1 are now considered to be very low in most foodstuffs, it is necessary to ingest some 10-100 kg of meat to reach an intake of 1 mg of Al; A1 levels generally seem to be considerably higher in vegetables than in meat.

If one is using ‘fluoride’ toothpaste with, say, A1 around, could you imagjne, Dr Martin, that the A1 would be carried by the fluoride into the body, because the exchange rates are so slow? Martin: They are not as slow as all that. Exchange rates for AP+ with unidentate ligands are of the order of a second. Blair: Using gallium as a model for Al, when fluoride is given to the rat, you get less gallium transport in both the starved and fed state; so when the fluoride concentration is sufficiently high to form the aluminium-fluoride complex, which is negatively charged and relatively insoluble, the intestinal transport rates will decrease (Farrar et a1 1988).

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