Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt by Roger S. Bagnall;Klaas A. Worp

By Roger S. Bagnall;Klaas A. Worp

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XXXN 211 S [386]) the phrase r<:fcrs to a liturgical chronological year, from Tbotb to Meson:. That presumption can be tested by euminina the documents in wiUcb the date falls into the period from Pacbon to Mcsore. bat would be ttue regardless of the slllr1ing date of the indiction. The lest leaves out of ICCOWII. bat 1crm suggcsu a deliberate desire to signal a distinction. ally usable for our test is small, as leases tended to be entered into in Tbotb or ooc of the succ:eeding fall months. Oxy.

In P~Oxy. , "We dli:nt thai incl. ding tis a sli)'l. I2l, FwlhiJ 1~1 p. 891 n. Oxy. xvm 19-73 (420). Yak 171. in wbicJun lDdiction · spotm or, ·~t .. on ~ s~ ~ ~ rcfCttnce ilto the (oiJowin day-'tboth I tbc IWt of 1M ~ ~nd tbiJ day · the tart of lbe year - lhe jndietioth cr. 1M cditcn• intJOduction the: com:IYSion of ~ich is. DOlo II$ we ~~ almldy in 1978. cvmct for ~ym~ imiJar lips.. rerming to a year u ~ .. At11. lkll'tlkl2. KIJ/n Ill lSI (423), a document drawn up between two Kynopolitc villagers on Epciph 30, describes the date as being 6PXf1 oftbe 7th indiction.

Pra,g. l 44 are doted in Pauni, with no day. In addition, there are· two cases mwbich 1he Arsinoite provenuoe is, uaoerta:in, SIJ 14898 (Pauni 11) and 4891 (110 ~day presorved~. We thlnk i1 probable lhat thee ~examples how a misapplication of the, tcrmimology oomceming tbe l July mdtctional date to tbe I May ystem: cf. Usiom. (2) Examples, of liPXft after Thotb I. s i_otelligjh1e. CrumVC 30. Sorgo ]73, BGU 131 ~, SPP vm 1320 (~ SB ~ S~l79]) come ftom nomes usmg indietio lUting dat in Paohon (tbe Thebaid) or ·~iph r(Aisinoite).

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