Chemical Mediators of the Acute Inflammatory Reaction by M. Rocha E. Silva, J. Garcia Leme, P. Alexander and Z. M.

By M. Rocha E. Silva, J. Garcia Leme, P. Alexander and Z. M. Bacq (Auth.)

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This is particularly true for the problem of measuring the acute inflammatory reaction. Which feature should one take as representative of the "intensity" of the phenomenon ? I. Experimental Design Parameters to be Measured In Chapter 1 we tried to resolve the many features of the inflammatory reaction in mammals into the following constituents: (a) migration of leucocytes and mobile cells of the connective tissue; (b) phagocytosis by micro- and macrophages as a general property of the so-called reticulo-endothelial system (RES); (c) local changes in the caliber of small vessels with subsequent increase in blood flow and local temperature; (d) increased vascular permeability to solid particles or colloidal suspensions of pure protein or protein stained with colloidal dyes; (e) local pain.

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