Ciba Foundation Symposium - Cellular Biology of Myxovirus by G. E. W.; Knight, Julie (Editors) Wolstenholme

By G. E. W.; Knight, Julie (Editors) Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's starting comments (pages 1–4): Sir Christopher Andrewes
Chapter 2 The constitution of Myxoviruses and its organic value (pages 5–26): J.G. Cruickshank
Chapter three many of the Virus?Specific devices Produced through Myxovirus?Infected Cells (pages 27–50): R. Rott and W. Schafer
Chapter four results of Inhibitors of Nucleic Acid Synthesis at the construction of Myxoviruses (pages 51–75): R.D. Barry
Chapter five Labelling of Cells contaminated with Myxoviruses (pages 76–95): S.C. Arya and F. Fulton
Chapter 6 impression of Actinomycin D at the Replication of Newcastle ailment and Influenza Viruses (pages 96–119): A. Granoff and D.W. Kingsbury
Chapter 7 function of the outside nation within the improvement of Myxoviruses (pages 120–151): H.A. Blough
Chapter eight impact of revolutionary Iodination of Influenza Virus on its organic houses (pages 152–186): L. Hoyle
Chapter nine Genetic reports with Influenza an epidemic (pages 187–217): R.W. Simpson
Chapter 10 Genetic versions of Influenza Virus which range in Reactivity with Receptors and Antibodies (pages 218–245): P.W. Choppin and that i. Tamm
Chapter eleven The Antibody reaction (pages 246–271): S. Fazekas de St. Grothan and R. G. Webster
Chapter 12 Analytical, Serological and scientific reports with the Haemagglutinating Subunits of Influenza a virulent disease (pages 272–298): F.M. Davenporat, A.V. Hennessy, J. Drescher and R.G. Webster
Chapter thirteen continual an infection of L telephone Cultures by means of Myxoviruses (pages 299–316): W. Henle
Chapter 14 mobile and Humoral elements of Defence opposed to Virus an infection (pages 317–354): A.A. Smorodintsev

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116,553) show that the surface of some infected cells becomes altered in such a manner that it contains viral antigen, and I think (and this is at the moment supposition) that these surface membranes of infected cells frequently contain the spikes which can be seen by negative staining. We therefore have an interesting situation, with on the one hand a specific synthesis of virus as such, if we rigorously define the term “virus” as a particular structural entity, formed under the direct control of viral nucleic acid, and on the other a nonspecific process whereby fragments coated with viral antigen are being shed from the cells.

These authors then envisage the complex becoming stabilized by further interaction between the cyclic peptides and phosphate groups of the nucleotides. Consequently, by complexing with DNA and inhibiting DNA-dependmt RNA synthesis, actinomycin is a highly specific inhibitor of DNA function. Ultraviolet radiatiori To substantiate results obtained with actinomycin, an alternative means of affecting DNA function was sought. --Q 54 R. D . BARRY radiation (UV) inactivates cells, viruses and biologically active DNA, causes mutations and induces the vegetative replication of temperate bacteriophages.

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