Castration and male rage: the phallic wound by Eugene Monick

By Eugene Monick

Paperback in fine condition, has water stains on a few pages, no marking (as proven) "Castration and Male Rage: The Phallic Wound (Studies in Jungian Psychology by means of Jungian Analysts" quick shipping...(A24)

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Christ is in the bread; Christ is the bread; the bread is Christ. The inner, invisible form of the object is revealed by the ritual of consecration. Ordinary bread is symbol. Similarly, phallos not only as sexual organ but as sexual organ expressing psychic energy, as expression of creativity, intimacy and ecstasy is a libido symbol. And the manifestation of masculine identity and experience. Thus the concrete object (penis) is simultaneously symbol (phallos). Phallos is profoundly known to be symbolic by men, whether or not they can explain their knowledge.

One day I was in our kitchen making applesauce, essentially an easy and small job. , etc. " I consider myself something of an expert in applesauce, and she was interfering, improvement or no. I was quietly pleased at being able to say that to her in the kitchen, for those words were almost exactly what she has said to me any number of times when I putter around while she is seriously cooking. It was my chance to get even. As soon as the words came from my mouth, however, something flashed. I had been reading Karen Horney, the early German-American Freudian analyst.

Six Stages of Masculine Transformation Masculine development requires transformation from the beginning to the end of a man's life. In six critical life-periods an adequate transformational process makes the difference between strong masculine evolution or weakness in the masculine grid. A man can be a man without complete accomplishment in any one period, but a substantial achievement must take place if there is not to be an impairment in gender identity and his sense of well-being. Freud was correct, I believe, in emphasizing the anxiety a man feels when there is an incomplete establishment of masculinity.

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