C16⋯C168 by G. Schudt-Weitz, I. Strell (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M.

By G. Schudt-Weitz, I. Strell (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M. Hellwege (eds.)

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Brilliant black plates (from n-hexane); sensitive to air and RT. Film data; anisotropic refinement. 125. 6. Lath-shaped crystals, coated with paraffin oil to prevent decomposition. Linear polymer. Film data. 19. Crystals (from methanol/acetone); isolated from Lycopodium alopecuroides. 312”C (decomposed). Crystals (from methanol/ethyl acetate). T,,, = 305.. 307”C (decomposed). 4) ... 258) Colourless needles developed parallel c (from ethanol); high-melting-point isomer. (for low-melting-point isomer, see LB 16-26-2).

068. *In original paper: Z is not given. 17” ... ... 1) ... 19 Crystals (from 95% ethanol/glacial acetic acid). 7) ... 437) Diffractometer measurement; anisotropic refinemcnt; hydrogen positions determined. 083. Very soluble in polar solvents. T,,, = 85°C. 7) n E X z 3211 wz 3212 wz C,,H&o,N,0,,~6H,O Hexaaquacobalt(2 +) bis[bis(ll’-glycylglycinato(2))cobaltate(l - )] hexahydrate [28299-79-81 * C,,H,,Co,N,0,,~12H,O Hexaaquacobalt(2+) bis[bis(l\r-glycylglycinato(2))cobaltate(l - )]dodecahydrate [28299-78-71 * * ...

3160. Tetragonal prisms (from n-butyric acid). A compound with strong metal-metal bond. Diffractometer measurement; anisotropic retinement. 073. Purple crystals. Film data. 139. 7 Orange-red irregular rhombs. Film data; anisotropic refinement; hydrogen positions determined; absolute configuration determined. 083. Deep red needles. Film data; anisotropic refinement. 063. 358(2)” Needles parallel c. 48(5), /I not given. 60* ... 0) Needles (from methanol) stabilized by a trace of hydrochinone. 65.

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