Body and Soul by Albert Kreinheder

By Albert Kreinheder

This feeling-intuitive method of actual ailment vividly illustrates the symbolic angle and lively mind's eye with the physique. Refreshingly candid, physique and Soul displays a existence good and actually lived relating to the Self and the method of individuation.

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And maybe I am. I don't know. But I just can't do it anymore. There's nothing real between us. I have to get away, but I'm afraid to. " This time the tightness in his throat felt like a presence that had come in and inhabited his body. He called her the Witch Lady, and he decided to have a dialogue with her. RICHARD: Here you come again. How can I get rid of you? I suppose it was because I was enjoying myself today. I met some new people and they liked me and made plans for me to be on their staff as an advisor.

Or did our life experience with a critical, unloving mother, for instance, make for an open wound through which the archetypal mother made her entrance? It is important to be aware of the two levels of a neurotic page_98 Page 99 complex. Stay forever on the level of the guilt and the shame and all the personal misfortunes of your life history, and you are as lost as ever. The power is there, still locked up in the complex and its symptoms. But if the archetypal power is felt and faced and brought within the scope of our imagining, then the individual sufferer is transformed beyond belief.

The tension, the neurosis, the diseases come from being in opposition to your fate. Stop fighting the story. Get into it. Enhance it. Assist it. Make it manifest in your daily behavior. Be an actor in the drama. Add some new ingredients and everything starts changing. When the body doesn't heal itself, healing procedures are used, forms of intervention. They are founded on the hope that you or the doctor or someone will do something to your sick self that will help it get better a lot faster than just lying there page_103 Page 104 and doing nothing at all.

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