Asteroseismology by Palle P.L., Esteban C. (eds.)

By Palle P.L., Esteban C. (eds.)

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Solar activity cycle frequency shifts of low-degree p-modes. ), 1119–24. Jim´enez-Reyes, S. , Pall´e, P. , and Tomczyk, S. 2001. Analysis of the solar cycle and core rotation using 15 years of Mark-I observations: 1984–1999. I. The solar cycle. ), 622–33. Jim´enez-Reyes, S. , Garc´ıa, R. , Chaplin, W. , and Korzennik, S. G. 2004. On the spatial dependence of low-degree solar p-mode frequency shifts from full-disk and resolved-Sun observations. ApJ, 610(July), L65–L68. Jim´enez-Reyes, S. , Chaplin, W.

6, but during an epoch with activity levels corresponding to the maximum of a typical (modern) solar cycle. The solid and dashed lines in the middle panel mark estimates of the l = 2 frequency that might be derived from the Sun-as-a-star data. to make the correction, using the so-called “even a coefficients” from fits to the resolvedSun frequencies (the a coefficients are discussed later in this section). This approach is, of course, currently not viable for other solar-type stars. Fortunately, the second method in principle is: here, the same dataset that is used to produce the frequency estimates is also used to help calibrate the corrections that are needed to “clean” the frequencies.

In the scenario above, the total surface magnetic flux is proportional to λmax − λmin , and therefore varied by over an order of magnitude for the range of computations made (10 ≤ λmax ≤ 70 degrees). Chaplin et al. (2007a) also made a second sequence of models in which the total flux was conserved for all values of λmax . 52) ⎩ 0 otherwise. Chaplin et al. (2007a) used results from Knaack et al. 52. Knaack et al. noted that observations of the surface activity during the cycle 22 maximum showed sunspots confined to bands from 5 to 30 degrees, and faculae in bands from 5 to 40 degrees.

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