Amar Chitra Katha - Ayyappan by Editor: Anant Pai; Author: Shyamala Mahadevan; Illustrator:

By Editor: Anant Pai; Author: Shyamala Mahadevan; Illustrator: M Mohan Das

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There, as lord Ayyappan, he is worshipped as the p resi d in ~ deity of the entire hill fange . This lone temple on the top of the Shabari hills, deep in the fOfests of Ketala, attracts millions of devotees from all over the country every year. They travellhrough dense forests full of wild animals, over steep hills and in incleme:'lt weather to obtain his 'datshan' (e glimpse) on Makara Sanbenthi day (which l alls on 14th January each yearl. It is said that the lord comes down to the Shabari Hills on Makara Sankranti in the form of light to give 'darshan' to his innumerable devotees and himself lights the tempte tamp.

AUT ENTER ONLY AFTER. I I AM CLEANSED. THE HOLY MOniER HR S BEEN MERCIFUL. 'If RIVER 51UD TO 8£ ENUVENED By THE SPIRIT OF SHfJBftRf. THE. DE'vOTEE OF LORD RfiMFI. 5INg FOR. :';:: -E ::'~--,_--,;-_1 A'IYAPPA! A YY~PPA ! UM, CNERCOME By EMonON HE FELL /iT THE FeET OF THE IDOL. NAM RYYf'lPPA ! ' 31 Amor Chitro Kotho is a coll ection of illustrated classics that retell stories from Indian mythology, history, folktale and legend , through the fascinating medium of comics. Over 400 titles have been published in the Amor Chitro Kotho comic series that are approved by parents, appreciated by children and accepted by schools.

LiN INDIA BOOK HOUSE MJhJla~mi Chambers, 51h Floor, 22 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400 026, India. com Illustrated Classics From India Awppan The legend of Shabari Malai A strange and fascinating series of divine events led to the birth of Manikanthrm. Manikanthan had a glorious destiny. At the end of a life full of dramatic Bvents, Lord Parn hurama himself sculpted and installed an idol 01him in the hill temple of Shabari. There, as lord Ayyappan, he is worshipped as the p resi d in ~ deity of the entire hill fange .

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