Almond Blossoms and Beyond by Mahmoud Darwish

By Mahmoud Darwish

Authoritative details and beautiful photos behind the booklet is a 12-page foldout timeline which are indifferent and displayed on a wall or observe board, delivering an enticing fast visible connection with the foremost classes, occasions and advancements of Islamic civilizations from nearly the seventh to the twentieth centuries advert. The 32-page ebook deals introductions to every of the sessions and dynasties, with brief sections on specific issues and at the nice achievements of Islamic artwork and tradition over the centuries. either e-book and timeline are richly illustrated all through with colour pictures, together with a number of items from museum collections.

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And I wrote, so as to forget her offense, a poem. This poem! When YouA re With Me When you are with me, I do not say: here and now we are together. Rather, I say: You and I and eternity, we swim in nowhere. Air and water. We solve the riddles. We name. We are named and we do not speak, except to learn how like us we are and to forget time. I do not remember in which land you were born. I do not remember from which land I was resurrected. Air and water, and we are flying on a star. When you are with me silence sweats.

A hand that raises the spirit in words. A hand that orders the army to sleep in barracks. A hand that shifts the waves in my body. Her hand is a whisper that touches the highest note: Take me . . here and now . . take mel An-nahawnad: A musical note. I W£sh I Were Younger He: She: He: She: He: I wish I were youngerI shall grow older by night, like the scent of jasmine in summer. And you will grow young when you sleep: all sleepers are young. But I shall keep vigilance till morning, till there are patches beneath my eyes.

I was guest and host in my own home. I looked at everything in the empty space, I searched and found no trace of myself, perhaps . . perhaps I wasn't there. I found no image of myself in the mirrors. So, I thought, where am I? I cried to wake myself from delirium, but could not. I was broken, a voice rolling on the floor. I asked, Why then did I come back? And I apologized to myself-! forgot about you, go away! But I could not. I walked to my bedroom, and the dream came at me in a rush and embraced me, asking, Have you changed?

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