A History of Indian Literature, Volume VII: Buddhist and by Ludo Rocher; Jan Gonda (Editor)

By Ludo Rocher; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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7 1 JRAS 5, 1839, 66. 2 WILSON 1840 = 1961: iv. 3 LASSEN 1847: 480. 4 In 1897 LUDERS applied a similar method to the legend of Rsyasrnga; see references sub Padma° Patalakhanda. 5 1900: 299. 6 1905: 67-77. 7 August BLAU: Puranische Streifen. I. Der Itihasa von Saranyu in seiner Fortbildung durch die Purana, ZDMG 62,1908, 337-357 at 337. T. 1 The "Ur-Purana" 43 The first application of the principle on a large scale came from Frederick Eden Pargiter. In an article, in 1913, on "Visvamitra and Vasistha," he defined his methodology as follows: "The texts for each story are cited.

It seems, indeed, to rest on a supposition that the Purans were intended to be geographical, chronological, and historical treatises; and, because it is impossible to give them this character, it is hence concluded that they must be incomplete, and that they merely contain badly arranged fragments of some larger works. But I have most carefully examined sixteen [n. ] of the Purans, and a great portion of the Skanda Puran, and I cannot discover in them any other object than that of religious instruction.

E. the wind. e. a servant of Mahadeva. e. a son of Mahadeva. e. the sun. e. the moon. e. the son of Vishnu. e. heaven. Markandeya-purana, i. e. a great Rishi. e. the bird Garuda. e. Narayana. e. the nature charged with the preservation of the world. e. future kings. Although, generally speaking, the list of eighteen mahapuranas in the Indian sources is well established, there are a few discrepancies and problems. 22cd-26). 130. Unless ddikam in the text stands for dgnikam. , GANGADHARAN Liriga0 1973: 19).

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